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Empowering Success: Matching Individuals with the Perfect Job Fit

At NKHS, our Employment Specialists and Case Managers understand the vital importance of aligning individuals with jobs that complement their strengths. Wendy and Dylan's stories showcase the positive impact of successful placements on both individuals and employers.

Everyone Loves a Prom! Creating a special day for some special people.

Inspired by her connection to the residents of Cedar Lane, an NKHS residential home for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, high school senior Emma rallied community support to create a Prom event.

CYFS Ski & Snowboard Program

Nathaniel Lesch-Huie, NKHS Clinical Social Worker in the Children and Family Services Department (CYFS) created the CYFS Ski & Snowboard Program. This program aims to teach kids how to develop the skills to overcome feelings of self-doubt and believe in their ability to overcome challenging moments.