Meet Wendy and Dylan, shining examples of successful job placements!

NKHS Employment Specialists and Case Managers know how important it is to match the individual with the right job, one that plays directly to the individual's strengths. They dedicate countless hours to going to job fairs, researching open positions, and speaking with businesses to find the best match for their individuals and the business. The goal is to find the best fit for both. Wendy and Dylan are two strong examples of how successful placement benefits both the individual and the employer.

Wendy enjoys a tidy environment, so she was pretty happy when she got a housecleaning job at Burke Mountain Hotel. Wendy admits that, for the most part, the people who stay in hotel rooms are neat and respectful. Still, she makes sure that every item on her checklist is completed before she contacts her supervisor for review.

This job enables Wendy to excel at something she enjoys, be a valuable team member, and earn money. "This job makes me happy because I can buy things I want," says Wendy. Like her favorite treat, a fun-flavored coffee.

Wendy's Case Manager, Aleah, has witnessed growth in Wendy's motivation and focus on her tasks. "Perfecting the bedding was a challenge initially, but she has mastered it," Aleah proudly remarks.

After about 45 minutes, the room is spotless once again. Wendy is proud of her work, knowing that the next guest in this room will enter a welcoming and clean space.

Dylan likes order, too, just in a different way. Three days a week, he works at the Dollar Tree in Littleton. There, Dylan restocks the shelves, unboxing the arrived items and ensuring they are where they need to be. Dylan appreciates order, so he's an efficient worker with an eye for merchandising and the importance of proper displays.

Working at Dollar Tree also enables Dylan to get out in the community, achieve his 10,000 daily steps (a personal goal), and earn some spending money for his weekly Walmart trips.

Dylan also wanted to share another career goal: to reach 1,000 followers on his YouTube Channel, Disney's # 1 Fan Productions, where he reviews Disney movies, his favorite. Dylan's other plans include obtaining his GED and pursuing higher education. His determination to excel and strive towards his goals is a testament to his character.

Wendy's success in her housekeeping role at Burke Mountain Hotel and Dylan's efficiency at Dollar Tree exemplifies the power of finding positions that align with individual strengths and interests. It's a privilege to be a part of their success.