Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Through IDDS we offer comprehensive and personalized support services designed to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, fostering their independence, growth, and integration within the community.

Empowering Individuals and Strengthening Communities

We provide individualized, flexible, and comprehensive services to children, adults and families with developmental and intellectual disabilities. These community-based services help individuals with disabilities live, work and play as accepted, valued and contributing members of their families and communities. We offer a variety of care and support to ensure each individual lives up to their highest potential.

IDDS Art Show: Celebrating Diverse Minds!

Welcome to the NKHS IDDS Art Show: Celebrating Diverse Minds! This unique art show celebrates creativity, talent, and the diversity of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as part of our celebration of Developmental Disability Awareness Month.

Each piece showcased in this exhibit is a proud statement from an individual who embraces the universal language of art. Every piece is an accomplishment worth showing, from paintings to coloring, sculptures, diamond art, and crocheting. Join us in fostering inclusion, recognizing the value of each individual, and embracing their creative gifts!

Help is Here

Am I Eligible? 

To learn about the eligibility criteria for developmental disabilities services visit the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Services Division. If you’d like to speak to someone about the eligibility process, please contact us.

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